About Us

AutoLoanCalculator.net provides you with a user-friendly experience that will assist you in understanding your auto loan finances.

Although this calculator is mainly intended for automobile purchases made in the U.S., new car owners outside of the U.S. are more than welcomed to use this calculator's features. Please adjust the calculator accordingly so you may begin.

This calculator is easy to navigate for your conscience. Simply choose if you are planning to make monthly or yearly payments and fill in the following categories: the price of the automobile, the loan term (ex: 60 months), interest rate, down payment, trade-in value, and the start date of your loan.

Once these few fields are filled out, the Auto Loan Calculator will take care of the rest of your calculations and show you the unique numbers in a clear and organized fashion. You will be able to view a pie chart of your total loan price and your interest price. Your monthly payments will be neatly written out for you to examine, and you have the ability to see your monthly payments in an Amortization Schedule which can be set to monthly or yearly.

If you're looking for further analyzation, the Auto Loan Calculator also offers two additional sections where you can view an Amortization Chart of your auto loan balance, interest, and payment, along with a Compare Current Rates for Today section.

Purchasing a new car is exciting and loans can be daunting, use the Auto Loan Calculator today to get the sigh of relief you need.