Top 5 Electric Motorcycle Brands

If you want to learn about electric motorcycles and the manufacturers who create these divine machines, you are at the right place.

And, the reason I called electric motorcycles divine is being they look so majestic while also actually making the world a better place.

Above all, electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions. Whereas we all know, the world doesn’t need more things that produce greenhouse gases. Also, electric motorcycles have one of the coolest designs out there.

Not to mention, the fact that electric vehicles reduce fuel costs dramatically surely grabbed your attention. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the quality of electric motorcycles depends on many factors.

For instance, while one product may have better aesthetics, another product may be more reliable. Likewise, keeping all these factors in mind, here are the top 5 electric motorcycle brands that have the best products worldwide.


One of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers renowned for having the most desirable exhibits, Harley-Davidson made their first-ever electric motorcycle called the LiveWire in 2019.

And although the first model wasn’t a great success, their second model definitely nailed it. Most importantly, it got cheaper, more powerful, and was available in a wider market.

Meanwhile, speaking about the company itself, it is one of two major American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression, which was an economic shock causing a major fall in stock prices in the United States.

Similarly, Harley-Davidson is most famous for its chopper motorcycle style. And, VRSC and Street platforms are two of their greatest success.


Founded in the year 2006, Lightning mainly focuses on creating fast bikes. In fact, their LS-218 model is named after its top speed of 218 mph, which makes it the fastest production motorcycle in the world - gas or electric.

Nonetheless, Lighting has achieved huge success in the field of electric motorcycles. And, it certainly changes the minds of anyone doubting electric motorcycle performance. Above all, they are the first-ever electric motorcycle manufacturers to beat gas-powered bikes.

The LS-218 model starts at $38,888 USD but despite being the fastest bike in the world, it’s still far cheaper than gas-powered bikes that offer similar performance.


If you are someone who neither likes choppers nor sports bikes, Sur-Ron might be the company of your choice. Founded in 2014 and based in Zhejiang, China, this company mainly focuses on creating electric dirt bikes.

Consequently, many professional riders who love trials, hill climbing, and freestyling also love this company to death. Because of their products’ immense torque and high power-to-weight ratio, they are in fact one of the best dirt bike manufacturers in the world.

Also, what makes these bikes so special are Sine-Wave X controllers, which are digitally controlled and programmed to provide a really smooth experience.


Moving onto one of the world’s most beloved scooter manufacturers, Vespa is an Italian-style icon since 1946. And if you have been waiting to see some electric scooters on the list, Vespa Elettrica is the one to make it in.

Vespa Elettrica’s primary focus is to provide the user with a peaceful experience. That is, this scooter produces no sound whatsoever. And, you can easily listen to the ambiance around you, such as birds chirping or buskers singing.

Nevertheless, being a scooter, Vespa Elettrica isn’t powerful as the bikes enlisted on this list. But, it certainly is a work of art with an electric heart that maintains your peace and the world’s as well.


Another motorcycle company based in Modena, Italy, that excels in manufacturing electric motorcycles is Energica. The company was founded in 2014 and prioritizes creating touring and sports bikes.

In the same way, Energica has produced four models so far, all of which have received excellent reviews. From the ride quality to powerful torque performance, there are only good songs to sing about this company.

Depending on your likeness, you can get any type of feel you want. Whether it's road handling or comfort level, Energica shines in both its sports and tourer aspects.

Fun fact: Energica’s EGO actually began its life as a pro racing bike. And despite debuting in 2013, the company is still making upgrades to the bike. For instance, its battery range coverage has had a significant 10% increase.


In this way, Harley-Davidson, Lightning, Sur-Ron, Vespa, and Energica have become the top electric motorcycle brands in the world. And since electric vehicles make the world a safer place, it’s a really proud thing to see electric motorcycles par on the same level as gas-powered bikes.

Also, feel free to ask us any questions related to electric motorcycles. And, do make sure to stay updated, as we will be creating more content related to electric motorcycles and vehicles overall.

Have a great day!